How to Get a Hummingbird Out of Your Garage: Simple Steps and Tips

This article provides effective steps to safely remove a hummingbird from your garage.

Key takeaways:

  • Open windows and doors to create clear escape routes
  • Remove red items to reduce distractions and make the exit more apparent
  • Use a nectar feeder to guide the bird towards the exit
  • Call wildlife rescue professionals if the bird remains trapped or shows signs of distress
  • Install screens, reflective tape, and minimize attracting elements to prevent hummingbirds from entering the garage

Open Windows and Doors

open windows and doors

Start by fully opening all windows and doors that lead to the outside. This creates clear escape routes, minimizing stress and confusion for the hummingbird. Check if screens or barriers might be blocking these exits and clear them if possible. Provide the widest possible passage to increase the bird’s chances of finding its way out without assistance. Light streaming in from outside can also help guide the bird toward the open doors and windows, acting as a visual cue.

Remove Red Items

Hummingbirds are naturally attracted to the color red, associating it with nectar-rich flowers. To reduce distractions and make the exit more apparent, gather any red items in your garage like tools, containers, or decorations. This can include red-painted surfaces that are easily movable. By minimizing these visual cues, you make it less likely for the hummingbird to linger, helping it find its way out more quickly.

Use a Feeder to Guide the Bird

If the hummingbird isn’t taking the hint with open exits, a nectar feeder can be an effective lure. Position it near the most accessible exit, preferably a door. The sight and scent of nectar often prove irresistible to these tiny birds, coaxing them towards the feeder and, subsequently, out of your garage. Once the bird has noticed the feeder, gently guide its path by minimizing noise and movement that might startle it. Patience is crucial here; give the hummingbird time to find its way out.

When to Call for Help

If the hummingbird remains trapped despite your best efforts, it might be time to call wildlife rescue professionals. They have the expertise and equipment to handle delicate situations like this without causing harm to the bird. Additionally, check if the bird shows signs of stress or injury. Exhausted or hurt birds require immediate professional attention to recover. Remember, handling wild birds without proper training can be harmful to both you and the bird. In such cases, expert intervention is the safest course of action.

Tips to Keep Hummingbirds Out of Your Garage

Keeping these tiny guests out begins with prevention. Firstly, if your garage has windows, consider installing screens to block entry while allowing ventilation. Additionally, avoid leaving doors open for long periods, especially during the warmer months when hummingbirds are most active.

Reflective tape or decals on garage windows can deter birds, as they are spooked by the light reflections and movement. You might also think about reducing the number of colorful or floral patterns around your garage that might attract them, as hummingbirds are drawn to bright colors, especially red.

Regularly check and maintain these preventive measures to enjoy a bird-free garage.