15 Best Places Where to Advertise Garage Sale

Learn the best places to advertise your garage sale to attract more buyers and clear out your clutter.

Key takeaways:

  • Community Bulletin Boards: Post flyers in local areas.
  • Neighborhood Facebook Groups: Reach out to neighbors online.
  • Craigslist: Advertise to a broad, local audience.
  • Local Radio Stations: Announce sale during commute hours.
  • Yard Signs At Busy Intersections: Lead traffic to sale location.

Community Bulletin Boards

community bulletin boards

Post your flyer on community bulletin boards at local supermarkets, gyms, or libraries to catch the eye of nearby residents.

Local Coffee Shop Corkboards

Post a vibrant flyer on the corkboard to catch the eyes of caffeine seekers who might need a garage sale treasure hunt after their espresso.

Neighborhood Facebook Groups

Your neighbors are probably already scrolling through these community hubs, making them perfect for spreading the word about your sale.


Craigslist is a well-trafficked online platform where you can reach a broad, local audience quickly.


Connect with nearby neighbors who are most likely to stop by your sale.

Local Radio Stations

Catch the early birds by announcing your garage sale on local radio stations during morning commute hours.

School Newsletters

School newsletters reach parents who might be interested in scoring great deals for their families.

Church Bulletins

It’s a great way to reach a tight-knit community that loves a good bargain.

Local Library Notice Boards

Local libraries often feature community boards where you can post flyers to reach avid readers and curious minds.

Farmers’ Markets

Chat up vendors and hand out flyers to shop-goers eager for another great bargain.

Grocery Store Bulletin Boards

Your neighborhood supermarket often provides a bulletin board where you can pin a flyer, reaching scores of potential shoppers during their weekly food run.

Digital Community Event Calendars

Great for reaching a tech-savvy audience who loves browsing online for local happenings.

Gas Station Windows

Gas stations often have windows where you can stick up posters that catch the eye of drivers fueling up.

Local Access TV Channel

Broadcast the details of your garage sale on the local access TV channel to reach a wide, yet targeted, viewing audience.

Yard Signs At Busy Intersections

These signs catch the eye of drivers and pedestrians alike, leading them straight to your sale.