How to Reset Chamberlain Garage Door Keypad in 5 Simple Steps

Learn how to easily reset your Chamberlain garage door keypad in just a few steps for a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Flip open the keypad cover and locate the “Learn” button
  • Press and release the “Learn” button and enter a new PIN
  • Test the new PIN by closing the keypad cover and pressing “Enter”
  • Reset a Chamberlain LiftMaster opener by pressing and holding the “Learn” button
  • Set a temporary code by pressing and releasing the “Learn” button and entering a desired code

Things You Should Know

things you should know

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, keep a few things in mind:

The garage door keypad is your knight in shining armor when it comes to convenient access. Knowing how to reset it can save your day, especially if codes are forgotten or you just feel like a secret agent changing safe house locations regularly.

Most Chamberlain keypads use a straightforward reset process. Familiarity with your specific model’s instructions makes this even easier. If your keypad looks like it’s from another era, it might require a slightly different tune-up approach.

Keep an eye on that LED light. It’s the silent, blinking assistant that guides you through the process. When it’s flashing, it means something good (or at least functional) is happening.

Finally, patience is your best friend. If the reset doesn’t work right away, take a deep breath, maybe even a fluffy stress ball, and try again.


Ready to reset that Chamberlain garage door keypad? Let’s dive right in:

First, flip open the cover of your keypad and locate the “Learn” button on your garage door opener motor unit. It’s usually on the back or side, and often colored red, yellow, or purple.

Press and release the “Learn” button. The LED light next to it will glow for 30 seconds – that’s your window of opportunity.

Quickly, within these 30 seconds, go back to your keypad. Enter your new four-digit PIN and press the “Enter” button. Voilà! Your keypad should blink, indicating a successful reset.

To test it out, close the keypad cover and give your new PIN a whirl with the “Enter” button. Fingers crossed, your door will spring to action.

And there you have it, smoother than your garage floor after a spring clean!

Resetting a Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Opener

First things first, grab a ladder; no aerial acrobatics this time! Locate the “Learn” button on the back of your garage door opener. It’s usually near the light bulb.

Press and hold the “Learn” button until the indicator light turns off. Congratulations, you’ve just wiped the slate clean!

Now, press the “Learn” button again, but just once more swiftly. The light should pop back on, eager and ready.

Within 30 seconds, hop down from the ladder like a graceful ninja and head to your keypad. Enter your desired new code—something you’ll remember but your neighbor won’t guess. Press “Enter.”

The garage door should respond with a friendly wiggle or a light flash. You’re now the proud owner of a freshly reset Chamberlain LiftMaster keypad!

Setting a Temporary Garage Door Code

Setting a temporary garage door code can be a game-changer, especially when you’re expecting guests or service personnel. It’s like giving someone a secret password that self-destructs (well, almost). Here’s how to do it with ease:

First, locate the “Learn” button on your garage door opener. It’s usually chilling on the back or side of the unit.

Press and release the “Learn” button. The indicator light will fire up, letting you know it’s in learn mode.

Within 30 seconds, enter your desired temporary code on the keypad. Keep it simple but not too obvious. Nobody wants a garage hacked with 1234.

Press the enter button. Voilà! Your temporary code is now set.

This code typically expires after a few uses or a set time, depending on your model. So, your peace of mind is safe and sound.

Handing out temporary codes can be super handy during parties or renovations. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use those temporary codes wisely!


Once you’ve successfully reset your Chamberlain garage door keypad, keep these tips in mind for smooth sailing:

Ensure you write down the new code somewhere safe but not obvious. The back of your fridge calendar? Brilliant.

Periodically change your code for enhanced security. Hackers are like raccoons; persistent and sneaky!

Check the battery life regularly. A dead battery means door won’t open, and you’ll be performing acrobatics to get inside. Not the ideal way to start your day.

Avoid using easily guessable codes like 1234 or your birth year. Be creative. Make hackers scratch their heads.

Ensure the keypad is clean. Dust and grime can mess with keypad functions. Wipe it with a soft cloth occasionally.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual. It’s not a riveting novel, but it’s a fountain of knowledge if you run into problems.